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"Riveting, from start to finish"
-Margaret Gelson, Ph.D.

"Among the best professional training I have ever attended. It has made good and great changes in my work, and I have 'raised the awareness' of the attorneys in our firm, on the basis of the excellent materials the workshop provided."
-Caroline Knowles, Ph.D., J.D., Q.M.E.

"The presenters are at the top of their fields. Great presentations!"
-Elisabeth Gallagher, Ph.D.

"Your 'Timelining' technique for contested custody cases is brilliant. I will never do another evaluation without it."
-Michael Chiapetta, Ph.D.

"The Template you have developed for evaluator report writing ensures that I've complied with all applicable laws and Rules of Court, and it keeps my findings organized in the format the court finds most useful. Thank you for protecting me in this complex area of the law."
-Brian Eckert, Ph.D.

"I was impressed by the presenters' knowledge base, dedication to their work, and ethical standards. This training was, overall, excellent!"
-Madalyn Tyson, Ph.D.

"Excellent training, well researched and documented."
-Sarah Rock, Esq.

"The greatest strength of the class was the vast knowledge of the presenters and their willingness to be available for ongoing consultation. This course was a great experience for me-Thank you for everything!"
-Diane Brown, R.N.

"The expertise of the presenters as well as their passion made this an excellent conference."
-Sue Neighbor, MFT

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