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Best Practices when Representing Abused Children in Family Court

Topics covered include:

  • Understanding child abuse allegations in contested custody cases
  • Dynamics of families experiencing domestic violence and child abuse during divorce
  • Investigation of abuse allegations
  • Working with expert witnesses, mediators, evaluators, therapists, MDITs, police and social workers
  • What the court expects of attorneys appointed for children in divorce actions
  • Best interests of children when abuse is occurring and custody is at issue
  • Substituted judgment versus the child's stated wishes
  • Writing Statements of Issues, motions and trial briefs
  • Deposing witnesses and preparing for hearings and trials
  • Hearsay statements and admissibility of evidence of abuse
  • Protecting children when evidence is insufficient to prove abuse occurred

Representing the Protective Parent in Child Sexual Abuse Custody Disputes and Related Cases

Topics covered include:

  • The Protective Parent as client
  • Child abuse allegations and domestic violence in Family Court cases: System failure
  • Understanding and transforming the current paradigm in which abuse allegations are heard
  • Best interests of children when abuse is occurring and custody is at issue
  • Thorough investigation of abuse allegations:  Making sure everyone does their job
  • Mediation and evaluations: Insisting on quality and lack of bias
  • Evidence of abuse: What is it and how to prove it at trial
  • Defenses and offensive moves to anticipate in Family Court litigation of child abuse
  • Developing case themes, writing trial briefs and motions
  • Deposing and examining witnesses and experts, "Timelining" and proof charts, preparing for trial
  • Ethical duties in the representation of parents of abused children
  • Representing your client in all legal forums: Juvenile court, Family Court, Civil Court and Criminal Court
  • Domestic Torts
  • Defense of concurrent criminal cases: Necessity defense to custodial interference or Parental Kidnapping charges

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