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Child Abuse Solutions, Inc. is a non-profit educational organization committed to training Family Court and other related professionals to be responsive to the needs of abused children. We offer workshops, training, consultation, advice, referrals and resources to judges, evaluators, mediators, and attorneys. Our education focuses on best practices in child custody evaluation, litigation and adjudication involving allegations of child abuse, sexual abuse, and domestic violence.

Our workshops combine presentations by highly experienced professionals with case examples, videos, demonstrations, and role-play, to help participants learn techniques, improve skills, and stay abreast of the latest developments in the field. Our curricula are state-of-the-art, peer reviewed, and approved by the Judicial Council of California, Administrative Office of the Courts, as meeting all requirements for mandatory continuing education for Family Court evaluators and mediators. We offer Continuing Education credits and MCLE credits for all of our courses.

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